The Exterminator (Theatrical Trailer)

Filmed the summer after 7th & 9th grade. The feature was edited for Christmas 2002. The theatrical trailer was made for Christmas 2005.

“Fired in the future, this disgruntled worker goes back in time to keep his job… as Terminator”.

The official *theatrical* trailer for “The ExTerminator”, a feature-length spin-off of Terminator with a parallel storyline which we completed in our early high school years.

In the future, a faulty line of Terminators coerce the human ruler of the machines to allow one faulty robot to try his hand at killing the child version of this human leader: if the faulty Terminator succeeds, then they’re clearly not faulty! However, the leader sends back a protector – to even the playing field.

FYI: (Every film has 1 teaser trailer and 1 theatrical trailer, and then a bunch of TV spots; the teaser reveals nothing, the theatrical reveals a lot; the teaser was also made, but not online… yet)

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