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MasterClass – Aaron Sorkin Screenwriting Spark Notes

From: (emphasis added) HOW TO BE A WRITER Write. Be writing be writing be writing be writing. Everything after this helps, but won’t if you aren’t writing. WHAT IS DRAMA? “If you don’t have intention and obstacle, it’s ‘Journalism’ ” Drama … Continue reading

Duenas Comedy Reminders (Performance)

Here’s a list of notes to keep in mind when acting as a comedy actor: If a straight man, your comedic gap is struggling to cope with the crazy character. As a character sketch, your comedy comes from staying in … Continue reading

10 Filmmaking Lessons from Armageddon

If one were to define the word “crowdpleaser” it would undoubtedly be a link to Michael Bay and Jerry Bruckheimer’s Armageddon. It is the pinnacle of collaboration. With nearly a dozen writers (screenplay by, story by, and ghost writers/polishers), a huge ensemble of … Continue reading

Loglines for Puns and for Real

Logline Limbo ( was created a while back to inspire us to keep making log lines – for bad, bad puns.  “When Hollywood says no, we fast track it into production with one mantra on our minds: How low can … Continue reading

Movie Inspiration Collage

The greatest images from our favorite films to awe and inspire. Continue reading

Bond 2013 – Seven Thou

Bond is hunting a gunsmith with extraordinary machining tolerances. Seven Thou. Continue reading

The Duenas Films Manifesto

It is the goal of the Duenas Brothers to entertain audiences in a manner that will make them dream anew. The following rules will be adhered to: … Continue reading

JJ Abrams’ Light-flare-sabers Darth Maul Comparison

What I expect Episode VII to look like. Continue reading

Shinobi Be Gone! Quick Escape Smoke Grenades!

Duenas Films Credits:
Director(s): Andrew Scott, Shawn Duenas
Cinematographer(s): Shawn Duenas
Editor(s): Shawn Duenas, Glenn Duenas
Visual Effects: Shawn Duenas

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Call of Duty: Black Ops III: Secret Santa

Call of Duty: Secret Santa Continue reading