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Film Review: The Post, Dunkirk, Sorry to Bother, 500 Days of Summer

Shawn explains why he didn’t like 4 particular films (of more than 8 seen on a series of plane rides): The Post, Sorry to Bother You, 500 Days of Summer, and Dunkirk. Continue reading

Spytec Inventio Glasses $100 model

Product: Submitted Product Review (on their site): Purchased May 2018, reviewed June 2018. Video to come. The following was submitted to their Google review request through a confirmation email:  The video quality is pretty standard for tiny cams … Continue reading

All Great Movies Have Unwatchable Lulls

I was thinking about how much of Star Wars IV that I don’t care to rewatch. Like the whole first 1/3. Up until Luke partners with Han and they leave the planet with Obi-Wan and the droids, it’s all exposition.  … Continue reading

The Mandela Effect

Derren Brown proved that when giving a gift to someone, he could trick that someone into thinking they wanted a bike all along, when they actually wanted a leather jacket. (It was Simon Pegg actually, ; or as part … Continue reading

Lawrence of Arabia

What makes a great film? Rewatch-ability? Density of content? Depth of journey? Depth of character? Spectacle? Music? Theme? Duration? Pace? Philosophy? Acting? Four days ago I watched Lawrence of Arabia as a 30 year old adult. I watched it with … Continue reading

The Longest Movies Ever

After watching Lawrence of Arabia, a 4-hour event, including the 30-minute intermission with a 3.5 minute overture, we began talking about how long a movie should be.  It’s difficult to say, but looking at the list below, there seems to … Continue reading

Comics Sideline & Not Too Shabby #2

The improv at the end was the best part. Not Too Shabby (hosted by Holly Prazoff)

Opinion: Character vs Premise Sketch

August 22, 2017 I prefer premise sketches over character sketches for a ton of reasons.   First let me define the two types of sketches so you know the difference: Character Sketch: Sketch where the comedy comes from a funny or … Continue reading

Duenas Comedy Reminders (Performance)

Here’s a list of notes to keep in mind when acting as a comedy actor: If a straight man, your comedic gap is struggling to cope with the crazy character. As a character sketch, your comedy comes from staying in … Continue reading

Why I Love “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia”

August 2017 Why I LOVE “…Sunny In Philadelphia” … Even though I hate the name. I sometimes call the show just “Sunny”, but when I say “I was watching Sunny last night,” it feels wrong.  Why is the name so … Continue reading