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Sketch Writing 101

Becoming a professional writer does not start with talent. It starts with the right mentality. There are several schools which will teach you Hard Skills of sketch writing, but none will teach you these Soft Skills (though some allude to … Continue reading

Free Screenwriting Software

What is proper screenwriting format? How can I write a script and format it for free? What screenwriting software is free? The best answers to these questions are use Fountain Syntax, use Fountain syntax, and WriterDuet Celtx or other free … Continue reading

Film Review: The Post, Dunkirk, Sorry to Bother, 500 Days of Summer

Shawn explains why he didn’t like 4 particular films (of more than 8 seen on a series of plane rides): The Post, Sorry to Bother You, 500 Days of Summer, and Dunkirk. Continue reading

Crazy Rich Asians

A simple story with a strong theme that works by the end DESPITE poor acting, poor directing, and poor filmmakers, financially underfunded. If I had to rate it fresh or not, I’d say not. It’s a tried-and-true poor American immigrant … Continue reading

All Great Movies Have Unwatchable Lulls

I was thinking about how much of Star Wars IV that I don’t care to rewatch. Like the whole first 1/3. Up until Luke partners with Han and they leave the planet with Obi-Wan and the droids, it’s all exposition.  … Continue reading

The Mandela Effect

Derren Brown proved that when giving a gift to someone, he could trick that someone into thinking they wanted a bike all along, when they actually wanted a leather jacket. (It was Simon Pegg actually, ; or as part … Continue reading

Lawrence of Arabia

What makes a great film? Rewatch-ability? Density of content? Depth of journey? Depth of character? Spectacle? Music? Theme? Duration? Pace? Philosophy? Acting? Four days ago I watched Lawrence of Arabia as a 30 year old adult. I watched it with … Continue reading

The Longest Movies Ever

After watching Lawrence of Arabia, a 4-hour event, including the 30-minute intermission with a 3.5 minute overture, we began talking about how long a movie should be.  It’s difficult to say, but looking at the list below, there seems to … Continue reading

Comics Sideline & Not Too Shabby #2

The improv at the end was the best part. Not Too Shabby (hosted by Holly Prazoff)

Opinion: Character vs Premise Sketch

August 22, 2017 I prefer premise sketches over character sketches for a ton of reasons.   First let me define the two types of sketches so you know the difference: Character Sketch: Sketch where the comedy comes from a funny or … Continue reading