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Movie Inspiration Collage

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Bond 2013 – Seven Thou

Bond is hunting a gunsmith with extraordinary machining tolerances. Seven Thou. Continue reading

JJ Abrams’ Light-flare-sabers Darth Maul Comparison

What I expect Episode VII to look like. Continue reading

Call of Duty: Black Ops III: Secret Santa

Call of Duty: Secret Santa Continue reading

Taken 2: The Mysterious Island

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Days of Thunder (aka Top Gun 2) should have been called “Need 4 Speed 2: Cruise Control”

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Calvin & Hobbes Snowmen – Summertime Nostalgia

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How to Play Magic the Gathering: With Playing Cards – The Twin’s Variant

Learn how to play a one-on-one game of Magic the Gathering with a single deck of playing cards.

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Optimus Primed Lens

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Same Shade “Checker Shadow” Optical Illusion

In the picture below, Tiles A & B are the same shade of Grey

In the picture below, Tiles A & B are the same shade of Red
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