Loglines for Puns and for Real

Logline Limbo (https://twitter.com/loglinelimbo) was created a while back to inspire us to keep making log lines – for bad, bad puns.  “When Hollywood says no, we fast track it into production with one mantra on our minds: How low can we go?”

We did pretty well for about a month and a half:

Logline Puns

When Satan releases Damien on the church, it’s up to Father Michael to slay the demon. ““. Coming Soon.

Alone, they can be lethal. Get them together and they can take down countries. ““. Coming Soon.

A wordsmith’s life changes when the fruit industry is caught moving cocaine. “: The Movie.”

Holmes is hot on the trail of a theoretical physicist who kills using a 12-gage wire and a multidimensional formula : The Movie

Parents seek when a statistician gives thirty babies a plastic bag to play with. “#RiskOfSuffocation“. Coming Soon.

is a Nascar driver who must control his demons to win the race and the girl: “Need 4 Speed 2: Cruise Control” aka

Last February, “” led a Journey there. This October, will be “ 2: The Mysterious Island”.

And although I didn’t post it until recently, I made it around the same time:

Only one secret agent can stop an arms maker with low tolerance and military precision. #.007

But while the jokes stopped flowing, good ideas didn’t.  In the mean time, we’ve been contemplating lots of movie ideas, but there is a difference between an idea and a plot.  Between a plot and a story.  Between story and a scene.  Between a scene and a movie. How does one maintain a thread through all of it?  One argument is to write to your log line.  http://zigzorg.com/?p=1033

To that end, I wanted to write a few quick log lines for a handful of ideas that have been mulling about in my/our head.  They are by no means polished, but a start and a reminder of the catalog of stories we’d like to pursue:

Loglines for Good Ideas

Teal and Orange – When an average Joe discovers the colors in his world have been reduced to teal and orange, Joe has to confront this next door neighbor who is responsible for this, with the help of an independent thinker down the hall.  (Short movie idea)

World Champions – A group of NFL rejects find redemption when they’re recruited by a patriotic, albeit eccentric entrepreneur who has big plans for them in the FIFA World Cup.

Asterisk – When a billionaire plans to destroy the middle east with a shower of untraceable asteroids, one secret agent employs the help of the billionaire’s scorned ex-business partner who used to sell asteroid insurance.

Jurassic Park #? – A boy and his pet pygmy dinosaur are rejected in the community until they save the town from a derailed train carrying full-size dinosaurs sabotaged by dino-rights radicals.

Galaxy Quest 2 – When its discovered that the writers of the show can imagine things into existence, they are taken captive by a new alien threat, and the cast of Galaxy Quest must pull together to free the captives and save the universe.

The Rock 2 – Goodspeed must use the secrets he learned from the microfilm when he is released from prison to stop a group of radicals who took control of the Smithsonian archives.

Those on the List – When everyone on a mysterious list of names starts killing each other, they realize that one of them is a Shapeshifter.

Identity Crisis – An insecure scientist finally discovers the magic formula that lets him transform at will into anyone he dreams up, but when he tries to use it to enhance his larger-than-life girlfriend, she uses it to humiliate him by becoming him.

Beauty is on the Outside – When a graduate student unlocks the secret of shapeshifting, he learns that true love is more important than true beauty.

Manifestation – Hobbs has a plan of his own when he’s hired to manifest a living human being in the real world from a fabricated memory in the dream world.

Under the Bridge – David Willoughby takes the side of conspiracy theorists deliberately despite the scientific evidence he presents to refute them – to the point of absurdity.  (web-series idea)


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