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Duenas Comedy Reminders (Performance)

Here’s a list of notes to keep in mind when acting as a comedy actor: If a straight man, your comedic gap is struggling to cope with the crazy character. As a character sketch, your comedy comes from staying in … Continue reading

10 Filmmaking Lessons from Armageddon

If one were to define the word “crowdpleaser” it would undoubtedly be a link to Michael Bay and Jerry Bruckheimer’s Armageddon. It is the pinnacle of collaboration. With nearly a dozen writers (screenplay by, story by, and ghost writers/polishers), a huge ensemble of … Continue reading

Loglines for Puns and for Real

Logline Limbo ( was created a while back to inspire us to keep making log lines – for bad, bad puns.  “When Hollywood says no, we fast track it into production with one mantra on our minds: How low can … Continue reading

Movie Inspiration Collage

The greatest images from our favorite films to awe and inspire. Continue reading

Bond 2013 – Seven Thou

Bond is hunting a gunsmith with extraordinary machining tolerances. Seven Thou. Continue reading

The Duenas Films Manifesto

It is the goal of the Duenas Brothers to entertain audiences in a manner that will make them dream anew. The following rules will be adhered to: … Continue reading

JJ Abrams’ Light-flare-sabers Darth Maul Comparison

What I expect Episode VII to look like. Continue reading

Shinobi Be Gone! Quick Escape Smoke Grenades!

Duenas Films Credits:
Director(s): Andrew Scott, Shawn Duenas
Cinematographer(s): Shawn Duenas
Editor(s): Shawn Duenas, Glenn Duenas
Visual Effects: Shawn Duenas

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Call of Duty: Black Ops III: Secret Santa

Call of Duty: Secret Santa Continue reading

Scumbag Genie

Duenas Films Credits:
Director(s): Shawn Duenas, Glenn Duenas
Writer(s): Shawn Duenas, Glenn Duenas
Cinematographer(s): Shawn Duenas, Glenn Duenas
Editor(s): Shawn Duenas, Glenn Duenas
Visual Effects: Shawn Duenas

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