Duenas Comedy Reminders (Performance)

Here’s a list of notes to keep in mind when acting as a comedy actor:

  • If a straight man, your comedic gap is struggling to cope with the crazy character.
  • As a character sketch, your comedy comes from staying in your blind-spot. You’re supposed to annoy your fellow actors, but never figure out what causes them pain.
  • On stage, you’re always trying to win. Find what you want and stick to it.
  • Characters come from “I believe” statements. Ex: I believe that the world is out to get me. I believe all people are inherently stupid.
  • Always better to be arrogant than self-loathing. If depressed, so to self-loathing (Alan Rickman status: I hate life).
  • Know when to shut-up and support when there are ten of you on stage.
  • Comedy comes from characters trying to win, not trying to make jokes. Douchebags can make jokes if trying to get a laugh out of mocking someone, but that requires multiple people on stage.
  • Premise sketches are consistently better than character sketches.
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