La Catrina – La Pelicula

La Catrina – The Movie. A spoof of the mini-series we had to watch in Spanish class (way back when) where Jamie (Jaime?) discovers she is the heir (heredera) to a large Mexican estate (La Jacaranda) owned by the lady known as La Catrina, who is her grandmother. It was so under-produced, but you can’t ask for much from an under-budgeted educational piece. WE were wondering: What would happen to the story if Hollywood got its hand on it. Well, WE got our hands on it, and we cranked it up a notch! We spent 2 or 3 days on this and one hard-core night to get it done in time for extra credit. We borrowed lines from the mini-series and had our mother translate the stuff we didn’t know. But you know what? We actually learned a little something along the way!


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