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Comics Sideline & Not Too Shabby #2

The improv at the end was the best part. Not Too Shabby (hosted by Holly Prazoff)

Opinion: Character vs Premise Sketch

August 22, 2017 I prefer premise sketches over character sketches for a ton of reasons.   First let me define the two types of sketches so you know the difference: Character Sketch: Sketch where the comedy comes from a funny or … Continue reading

Duenas Comedy Reminders (Performance)

Here’s a list of notes to keep in mind when acting as a comedy actor: If a straight man, your comedic gap is struggling to cope with the crazy character. As a character sketch, your comedy comes from staying in … Continue reading

Why I Love “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia”

August 2017 Why I LOVE “…Sunny In Philadelphia” … Even though I hate the name. I sometimes call the show just “Sunny”, but when I say “I was watching Sunny last night,” it feels wrong.  Why is the name so … Continue reading

Screenwriting 101

You’re here because you don’t know anything about screenwriting and want to get started ASAP and look like a pro. That’s exactly what I wanted too, one place to learn everything. This is your portal into screenwriting, TV writing, and … Continue reading

More on Heroes and Protagonists

I’ve begun to notice how to read people’s eyes. For example, the eyes of Heath Ledger and Robin Williams have a bipolar wear-your-emotions-on-your sleeve feel. They also have the look of someone who’s always thinking, more specifically, looking the abyss … Continue reading

Wonder Woman

From Facebook Post (June 4): I don’t know what to say about Wonder Woman that hasn’t already been said but I’ll try: It made me cry. Wonder Woman gives you the feels the way many modern Pixar films try to … Continue reading

10 Filmmaking Lessons from Armageddon

If one were to define the word “crowdpleaser” it would undoubtedly be a link to Michael Bay and Jerry Bruckheimer’s Armageddon. It is the pinnacle of collaboration. With nearly a dozen writers (screenplay by, story by, and ghost writers/polishers), a huge ensemble of … Continue reading

Star Wars (6 Episode Marathon) Review

  Spoilers!  If you haven’t seen any of the movies, there may be spoilers in here. Here goes:  It started with “Hey, bro, what do you say to watching Episode 6 this Saturday… with a brand new surround sound system?” … Continue reading

Star Wars Complete Saga in One Day (Analysis)

I did it! I watched the entire Star Wars Saga in one sitting. Six movies back-to-back starting with Episode I and ending with Episode VI. That’s over 12 hours of footage in glorious Blu-Ray on a 50″ plasma TV with surround … Continue reading